Proyecto Minero Pascua Lama

OLCA Communications 23 de enero de 2007

Road occupied in Huasco Valley to protest mining project Pascua Lama


By Maria Jose Martinez
Citizens Anti Pascua Lama Movement

Neighbors, residents and environmentalists resisting the Pascua Lama mining project occupied the crossroads between Conay and Chollay beginning January 22, 2007. This is the first of many actions and initiatives within the "Call to Water" events this past weekend in Conay.

This action was carried out to create a permanent alert calling attention to the seven mining projects which the State has given concessions to in the area, and specifically to show rejection of the binational Pascua Lama mining project.

In addition this nonviolent blockade of the road shows opposition to the lack of information shared with residents regarding these issues.

These actions are essential because personnel of Barrick Gold continue to have free access throughout the area of operations despite the fact that their works should be paralyzed due to the ongoing legal challenges. The community has made a call for the defence of land, water and life.